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hence the. 1900. $82.00 games since december 23rd. this is. coming up the disaster that never ends. in india. but since then survive. justice will be speaking to the struggle. for respect one in 6 people in a short lived with a disability. discrimination. i'm
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going to welcome to. it's good to have you with us it's been called the world's worst in dust from disaster but the description barely captures what happened in bhopal such as 5 years ago bhopal is a capital of the indian state of multiple dish in the intervening night of december the 2nd and 3rd 1904. leaked from a pesticide plant spreading rapidly across the city in that 1st night according to some estimates more than 3000 people died that number would soon go up to 15000 those who survived didn't have it much better yes the words of 2 who lived through that night. these are says i was 2 months pregnant at the time i had a miscarriage right there in the middle of the street i was unable to control my bowels and the feces ran down my legs jump of
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a visual close is it felt like somebody had filled our bodies up with red chillies our eyes had just coming out noses were watering we had frosts in our belts survivors continue to suffer that ecology disorders and so birth defects among a long list of health problems but it doesn't stop there they also need to find the strength to receive adequate compensation health care above all justice. for decades they have been campaigning some still living with their injuries. others still bearing their grief. by that this or that night everything was destroyed my sons and daughter in law died and my leg was amputated. i have to drag myself around these killers did not heed
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anything why have they not been brought to court why haven't they been hanged they are responsible for this yet. it was december 1984 when 40 tons of deadly methyl i so psion 8 known as am i see gas escaped to pesticide factory in the indian city of bhopal within the 1st few hours 3000 people were dead some dying in their own homes hundreds of thousands more were injured many of them children. over the years the death toll has risen and official estimate stands at around $15000.00. the company responsible union carbide has never faced prosecution but it did you agree a $470000000.00 payout in 1989 campaigners say the company
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which is now owned by dow chemicals must pay much more in compensation including to the families whose children have been born with brain damage and with disabilities the people are waiting for the appropriate health care the standard medical treatment protocol is needed that's not yet available and finally in some ways the most important question is whether the justice. the question many have been asking for 35 years and still it seems there is no. joining me for more is the rights not danger and activist working with survivors of the bhopal tragedy she joins me now from bhopal russia not good to have you on the program you've been working with the survivors for quite some time what other images needs. thank you for an answer eric this thing
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i'm going today currently this is probably the biggest ongoing corporate mass known in. and people have only gotten about $300.00 in compensation since the 'd operations missed ponselle for the disaster union carbide dow chemical their criminal liability sister and drinks that has tons of toxic waste that is still sitting inside the factory i'm outside the factory but just in time when it hit the ground water of more than 100000 people. doubt some of the refuses to clean up and because of this toxic contamination and a lot of children are being affected as well as their parents consumed us what is right here and that as president gas disasters concern people are really sick in there 10 times more than cancer rates there are just now we have come across a study that the indian council of medical research was the way in which basically
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showing their 700 times more like effects and gas and others that unexposed mothers the tragedies there the evidence is there as you have presented that today do you think adequate response ability has at all been fixed for this disaster. no absolutely not these are the most powerful chemical corporations and they have the support of the most powerful government the us government who has been supporting them supporting them from day one and they also have support of the indian common who has no political will in holding them accountable to the u.s. department of justice has not been able to go out summons to dow chemical and the indian government has been asking them to do that for the last 5 years just like they did with warren anderson who was the chairman of union carbide just and was responsible lauder killing people in bhopal he was never extradited from us because
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the u.s. government never gave a damn about its criminal liability in india and the same things we see as far as the clean up of the toxic waste is a concern whereas the department of justice is made it seen in a hoarding to operations like b.p. accountable for what they did in us but when it comes to now have a completely double standard and in the name of foreign investment people of what i considered expendable and even in india we have seen in the last 35 years every 2nd of the government's an hour whether it has been chippy or congress they have always sided with the corporations not what is of the core of the. people's lives to that automatic. but i just want to say that this is not something that happened 35 years ago people are dying people have been born with dope or defects till today and yet so people and people and all other considered ex spend
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a bit in the name of foreign investments and that is pretty much been spelled out for us when it came to exercise and in war not just in people like you know 'd our lisa rice and colin powell said that sending absent over to send shock waves in vice and investment community and now when dow chemical is being os to appear or to have people like hillary clinton did some supporting them that they should not appear in india and using all pressure that they have with me and not meant to make sure that they are not. right but if we leave it there for the time being but thank you so much for joining us trust on data. to get a job have a family and enjoy life it's what most of us want and yet according to the united nations there are systemic body has an. able to people from these basic human
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desires perhaps you know these are just personally perhaps you're disabled yourself or you have a disabled. in issue one in every 6 persons as a disability today is the united nations international day of us and with disabilities a day that empowerment and inclusive richey but as this report from myanmar shows there's still a long way to go. so gets the tables ready for a banquet at a yangon hotel she has difficulty walking and is one of 13 disabled workers at this hotel. including this cook who is deaf and a floor to as a prospect left leg below the knee. when i got this job i felt encouraged that i can do something and that i can help support my family. this situation is all too rare me amar were easy 5 percent of adults with moderate
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to severe disabilities are unemployed. and about 2 out of every 3 disabled children are not in school bowman the director of the miramar center for responsible business says the disabled to me on our face adversity for many directions so the main problem is that people with disabilities face in next to no government support for them there are very few institutions supporting them within the school system. established way to help children so as a result discrimination starts from a very early age children disabilities are excluded from school and then this goes on to have an impact on their ability to get jobs. and later in life may have to win is one of the most visible advocates for the disabled to me and maher from his appearances on local television in meetings across the country with disabled people to discuss ways to improve their lives and ways you know we have a fusion to create
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a 0 discrimination environment for education jobs and mall. owners and say we're sure he knows many of the challenges firsthand. and you have to win has cerebral palsy and needs help with basic things whether it's just taking a seat or eating dinner. but that is not stop this married father of 2 sons he has a university degree and owns a real estate agency as well as a printing company he also started a foundation to help the disabled but me as to when acknowledges that throughout his life he has had resources that most disabled people me m.r. do not have his family could afford to hire people to accompany him to school as a child and his professional success and nails and to have assistance by his side today but he's fighting alongside other advocates to help the disabled in this impoverished country get more support progress in recent years includes more job training programs strengthening relationships with businesses so more of them
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harvest able workers and spreading the word across the country to try to inform all families and educators that disabled children have a legal right to go to school and that they belong there step by step advocates for the disabled are chipping away at the barriers in this country but they say continued progress requires changing the attitudes of the general public. we have to stop people from making any judgments so they don't think that a disabled person doesn't really need schooling because even if they graduate they won't be able to get a job. we have to change that mindset. it's a long road ahead but me out there when another advocates say they'll keep fighting to help the disabled have the quality of life they deserve. with this man. and the quality of life as a 44 year old blind man to that's it for today we'll see you next time.
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6 months and malcolm ok affectionately but as affectionately as you can. put it in the middle of his election campaign in. 2000 but documentary was filmed for russian television because to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring a top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and
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featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. the mere sight of marriage to the ends justify the means. to tins witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . jenna trade deal with china wait until after the u.s. election president trump is now suggesting just that. markets are not happy we'll bring you the latest. also on the show hong kong's leader says u.s. support for protesters is a roading business confidence there we'll talk to our correspondent. and we'll go to malaysia where a business scandal involving a former prime minister has become the talk of the country. this is your business report i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks for joining us u.s.
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president donald trump has alarmed investors by saying that a trade deal with china may have to wait until after the u.s. presidential election and 2020 during a visit to london claim that china was keen to agree to a deal but that he was in no rush and was happy to wait markets have been hoping for an end to the trade war by the end of this year. and for more on this let's check in now with our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney so josie how are markets there reacting to these comments it's a lot of red if you if i mean this is the dax the tax that started up it had a strong start to the day it's been going further and further downward as as we've gone on u.s. stock futures are down about 0.3 percent the footsie of london sad about one percent these comments are really a bit of a surprise to traders they had expected a deal over the next couple of weeks just last week that said we're in the final throes of an agreement so there had been a lot of optimism.


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